bacon, egg & sprout sandwich: sunny side egg. smoked bacon, alfalfa sprouts. cheddar cheese. multigrain bread. (half sandwich) $7. (all day)

frittata sandwich baked frittata: a daily blend.  baby artigula. roma tomato.  multigrain bread. (Half sandwich). $7. (all day)

ham, egg & cheese sandwich: smoked ham, roma tomatoes. eggs. sharp cheddar cheese.  $10. (all day)

granola with fruit: daily fresh fruit. homemade granola. all over fage greek yogurt. $7. (all day)

banana, peanut butter & honey sandwich:  multigrain bread. $9. (all day)

whole wheat pancakes:  blueberry, banana. strawberry or just plain.  butter and maple syrup. $10. (morning only)

huevos rancheros:  2 eggs over easy, smoked ham. refried beans, roasted potatoes. pico de gallo. all on a bed of corn tortillas. $11. (morning only)

breakfast special: 2 eggs sunny-side up, 2 strips of smoked bacon, roasted potatoes with nmItigrain toast. to. (morning only)

breakfast burrito: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, refried beans. avocado and pico de gallo. flour tortilla. $10. (morning only)