the veggie sandwich: fresh avocado, green leaf lettuce, shaved carrots, balsamic dressing, roma tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cream cheese, multigrain bread. $11.

the golden bear: house roasted beef, fresh avocado, sharp cheddar cheese, roma tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, dijon mustard, mayo, multigrain bread. $14.

chipotle chicken press: chipotle marinated pulled chicken, melted cheddar cheese, pickled radish, chipotle mayo, fresh red cabbage and roasted leeks, all on levain. $11.

hummus with jalapeno: homemade hummus with jalapeno (light), fresh cucumbers, roma tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, dijon mustard, mayo, multigrain bread, $9.5.

albacore tuna salad sandwich: Albacore tuna salad with green olives, shaved fennel, baby arugula, balsamic vin, multigrain bread. $10.

thanksgiving year-‘round: house roasted turkey breast, homemade, herbed stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, alfalfa sprouts, light mayo, all on levain. $13.

smoked ham and goat: hickory smoked ham, goat cheese, baby arugula, balsamic vinegar, multigrain bread. $10.

b.l.t.a: smoked bacon, green leaf lettuce, roma tomato, fresh avocado and chipotle mayo, multigrain bread. $11.

chicken salad sandwich: mayo-less pulled chicken salad sandwich. Pickled mango, baby arugula, light mayo and balsamic vin, multigrain bread. $11.

the california club: house roasted turkey breast, smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, baby arugula, garlic-thyme aioli, multigrain bread. $13.